In June 2000 Overførstergården initiated VIKA as a second hand shop and flee market. VIKA was established on voluntary basis by present and former inmates at the hostel, who had knowledge about second hand, antiques, craftmanship and trade.
In October 2000 VIKA established Gentofte flee market with 45 stalls at Charlottenlund Station. In August 2001 the shop "Antique and second hand" opened on Strandvejen in Hellerup. Furthermore, in the autumn 2002, VIKA plans to sell goods via the Internet.

In 2002 VIKA has an expected annual turnover of DKK 1 million and 3 employees. Apart from that many of the hostels' former and present inmates assist at the flee market on voluntary basis. The inmates club "Boomerang" gets profits from the sale of second hand goods and from a coffee-shop at the market.

VIKA started as a cooperative entreprise, but has since then been changed into a private limited company owned by a foundation, that ensures the profit is used to the purposes of Overførstergården.

Overførstegården's manager is chairman of VIKA. Director is Torben Jensen.