The conditions for homelessness and alcoholism and possibilities for developping solutions becomes more and more internationally dependent, especially in the European Community.

This has lead Overførstegården to take part in international cooperations. In 1997 - 99 Overførstegården participated in a project-cooperation, granted by EU - INTEGRA. The purpose was to develop methods for integration of homeless in the ordinary society- and working life. The project was carried out by institutions, housing companies, trade unions, and anti - powerty organisations all over Europe.

The project resulted in developing better re-socialisation methods for homelss and a regular after - care, which has worked ever since. Besides support functions for the staff in social entreprises were established. The project showed big difficulties in finding proper permanent housing facilities for homeless. The difficulties were known at beforehand, but the project made the problems become more clear. Many of the homeless are nervous for moving to their own apartment, if they have any at all, partly because the bad quality of the apartments, partly because they can become very lonely and because they fear to return to the old drinking habits.

The international work are applied to continue in 2003 - 05 in the frames of a new EU-program against social exclusion.