The hostel has 23 rooms for temporary housing of homeless. The inmates are from 18 to 67 years old, both men, women, young ones, migrants etc., having all kinds of difficulties. In general 75% are socially excluded , single men, misusing alchohol and medicine.
Since the opening of the hostel in 1996, there has been more than 700 different inmates, with very different social backgrounds, and comprehensive problems such as abuse, divorce, unemployment, economic debts, loss of home, loneliness, psychological diseases etc.
During the stay the lodging-house puts a great effort in offering social care and consulting, training, leisure time activities, and to make plans for the future in cooperation with the inmates and the local authorities.

After the stay a consulting after-care is being offered to them.

The lodging-house has 12 employees on a permanent basis and its annual budget amounts to DKK 5,5 millions.

The board of the independent institution is also the board of the lodging-house, which is runned in agreement with the county council in Copenhagen. The principal, Jørgen Lauritzen, is social-pedagogue.