All time is spare-time for a homeless person, but not spare-time in the positive way it might be to other people.

During the stay in a hostel for homeless there is a certain structure in your day: breakfast, lunch, dinner, coffee breaks and small talk, cleaning- and kitchen duties, billiards, swimming, excursions, TV, your own activities outside the court. You are either together with other people or alone in your room.

However, the stay in a lodging house is temporary. There is no fixed limit but everybody knows that the average time is approximatedly 3 months. And then, what happens afterwards? The nightmare for many homeless people are to come home to nothing, a small room or poor apartment, where you can be sitting and rot in your own loneliness and where fellowship with others are combined with drinking, benches and bodegas.

In October 2001 a group of inmates, supported by Overførstergården, succeeded in establishing "Boomerang", a club for previous and present homeless. The purpose is to carry on an alcohol free club and to take initiatives which will promote leisure time activities, and the society's development in favourt of the homeless. Boomerang has about 30 members. For the time being SID, Lyngby-Gentofte has borrowed the clubrooms. A contribution has been given to the start of the club from the Social Ministry and Gentofte Municipal. The club is managed by a board of directors which counts up to 8 members and a chairman.