In the spring 1998 Overførstegården discussed different efforts in the rules regarding prevention of alcohol, which the Ministry of Health had not been realizing, among other things science centres and local prevention-tribunals.
The Health Insurance Foundation and the Ministry of Social Affairs gave a contribution tho Overførstergården could carry out a project, which in 2000 lead to the establishing of a national independent institution under the Ministry of Social Affairs: "Science centre In Alcohol". Since then the science centre has been financed with annual contributions from the Ministry of Social Affairs which amounts to DKK 3,5 million, and with 4-5 employees, who collect and gather knowledge about consumption and abuse, opportunities for treatment etc. The science centre's special background in Overørstergårdens surroundings has contributed towards developing courses for employed at hostels, and a focus on abuse among the socially weakest persons.

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