Overførstegården has from the beginning been looking for new ways to treat alcohol-abuse. The public offers of medicine and ambulant help are often not sufficient. In the year 2000 The Health Insurance Foundation supported a project for alternative tratments of homeless.

The project came along with many thought-provoking results. The main conclusion was that the treatment-system and the alcoholic confirmed one another in a very complex way: The alcoholic denied his abuse. The staff at the hostel might not agree, but could only do little and gave up, more or less. The municipal refers that treatment according to the law is to be offered by the county. The county refers that the treatment is offered according to the expressed needs. Which the alcoholic is more than glad to confirm.

Once a year, the Health Ministry decalres in press-releases that the alcohol-abuse is growing and constitutes one of the largest and most expensive health problems in Denmark.

A problem, which is so fundamentally political conditioned, cannot be solved by an independent institution like Overførstergården. The board of directors has received funds from the Ministry of Social Affairs to establish a greater project, carried out in cooperation between 7 hostels, 6 counties and 10 municipals. The project started in 2001 and is expected to end in year 2004. In this period at least 100 homeless will receive treatment. Employed in the institutions and administrations are offered after-education and organisation-developing. The results will be evaluated and the expectations to the project are, that more permanent improvements in the treatment possibilities will appear.